ELV program update

28 July 2022

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries/Motor Trades Association of Australia Product Stewardship End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) program update

MTAA-member dismantlers from across Australia are providing data sets that will help inform the Australian Government of the processes and infrastructure that may be required to decommission the more than 797,000 vehicles that leave our roads annually.

With the drive to transition the national fleet to zero and low emission vehicles ramping up, the number of internal combustion engine vehicles that will become ELVs will grow significantly. Australia needs an ELV program in place to handle the demand and avoid environmental disaster.

Pictured, from left: VACC Industry Policy Advisor Michael McKenna with Wendy Geraghty and Robert Eames of Five Nines Consulting, and South Australian vehicle dismantler Darran van der Woude of River Murray Auto Wreckers.

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