Family Hospital Accommodation Grant Scheme

VACC and TACC members have provided much support to charitable organisations over the years. VACC’s constitution recognises the association’s role in supporting charitable endeavours and particularly where they are directed to and support members from the automotive and allied industries.

In 2022 the VACC Executive Board, following a significant analysis of its charitable work, agreed to establish a charitable endeavour that had the capacity to support all members and potentially their immediate family members. This consideration has led to the proud establishment of VACC/TACC Family Hospital Accommodation Grant Scheme.

About the Scheme

The Scheme recognises that from time-to-time members, or their immediate family members  (partners, children and parents), either spend time in hospital or have to support family members who are admitted to hospital. In some cases, when this happens, families are separated because a family member does not have the resources to afford accommodation near the hospital where their family member is in care. VACC recognises there is an opportunity to support members in these cases and this is the  principal upon which the Scheme has been established.

Who benefits

The Scheme is open to all VACC/TACC members and their immediate family members. The Scheme is administered by the VACC Executive Board which maintains the discretion to make decisions about the application of the Scheme and any considerations that extend beyond its remit. 

Conditions of the Scheme:

  1. To access the Scheme a business must have been a current financial member of VACC/TACC for a minimum of six consecutive months.
  2. A member (or their immediate family member) can claim up to a collective 10 days of accommodation, to be close to the patient, in any consecutive 12-month period.
  3. The Scheme is capped at payments up to $190 per night and may be adjusted by the Board from time to time.
  4. The daily/nightly accommodation grant payment can be spread across more than one family member but will not exceed the grant cap of $190 per night in total for all family members.
  5. Payment will be made to the member either on evidence of an accommodation booking or on receipt of a booking that has already occurred.
  6. A receipt for an accommodation stay that has already occurred cannot be more than 12 weeks old.
  7. A declaration will need to be made by the member in respect to the person who is in hospital care and their relationship to them.
  8. Applying for accommodation that either has or will be paid by another organisation (e.g. insurance) is forbidden and where this is found to occur VACC will seek to recover the funds from the member.
  9. The Scheme is open to members in metropolitan, rural and regional locations but does not extend to locations outside Australia.
  10. The Executive Board maintain the absolute discretion to approve or deny any payments or to make other considerations based on a member's individual situation.

Feedback and review

Like many VACC programs the Scheme will be guided by feedback from members and will also be subject to a continuous review process. We acknowledge that even the best intentions in the world can be improved so we are open to any ideas members may have to improve the Scheme.

All feedback should be emailed to

Download the information brochure.

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* VACC reserves the right to change or modify program rules from time to time and reference should be made to the VACC member website for the most up to date information. VACC reserves the right accept or deny any application, in accordance with its rules.