VACC Accreditation

About VACC Accreditation

VACC Accreditation standards are set by the VACC Executive Board and form a process through which a member business can demonstrate it is meeting a higher standard that is valued by customers.

Traditionally industry standards have often focused on things such as tools, qualifications, and equipment. However, in recent years there has been a call to have standards that are more customer focused.

Australian consumer law and other consumer standards have meant that businesses have to maintain a continued focus on meeting consumer expectations.

Achieving VACC Accreditation means a business can demonstrate it is meeting a higher standard that is valued by customers.

The Pillars of VACC Accreditation

Accreditation standards are based on five pillars:

  • The approach to customers
  • Resolving complaints
  • Customer privacy
  • Reducing customer risk
  • Business competence

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These pillars are designed to focus the attention of the member business on specific actions that have value to customers and bring a heightened level of security and integrity to the retail process.

I want to be Accredited

You will need to complete the VACC Accreditation self-audit. Before commencing the self-audit, it's a good idea to have the following items ready to upload. If you do not have all the required documents there is a  orange resource  icon that provides you with supporting documents, you can use. 

  1. An image of the VACC Code of Business Practice that is on display at your workplace.
  2. Examples of your business advertising.
  3. Images of your workplace.
  4. Your customer complaints handling system.
  5. Your business Privacy Statement.
  6. Your policy or procedure for security and password protection across IT systems.
  7. Your insurance certificate of currency.
  8. Your WorkCover registration.
  9. You will need access to your email, when you receive a verification email upon registering an account.

Follow the steps below to begin your VACC Accreditation application and self-audit:

Note: You will need access to your email as you will receive a verification email once you have registered. Your account is different to your VACC membership account – however if you choose you can use the same login details.

  1. Members can create an account here (Note: This link will take you to VACC Forms Cloud to register.)
  2. Check your email (including Junk Mail) after registering, to verify your email address.
  3. Once your email is verified, Login to your account here.
  4. Select VACC Accreditation Self-Audit from the New Form menu. 
  5. You can save your draft forms, until you are ready to submit for review. 


Frequently asked questions

Q1. Do all VACC members need to be accredited?

No. Accreditation is something a member can choose to opt into.

Q2. Who markets VACC Accreditation?

Accreditation is a standard met by the member business. Marketing and promotion of that accredited business is the responsibility of the business. Member signage will identify to customers whether a business is a ‘VACC Member’ or ‘VACC Accredited Member’.

If a member ceases to meet accreditation standards, they will be required to remove all accreditation signage.

Q3. What does accreditation cost?

$260 per annum +GST, it will be invoiced at the same time as your membership fees.

Q4. How are standards met and audited?

VACC will assist members to meet the accreditation standards through an easy-to-use portal, where business owners can access tools and resources to help them apply required standards. Essentially, accreditation is a set of staging posts through which a member can improve and manage aspects of their business.

Members will be required to upload documentation and other supporting evidence annually to show they have the required policies, systems and procedures in place which reflect the Five Pillars. Members are also required to complete an annual training module. The aim of the training module is to provide our members with basic management tools.

After submitting the self-audit the Accreditation Officer will email you to congratulate you on your success and will supply you with a link to the training module for you to complete.

Random audits throughout the year will be conducted which will assess standards against documents supplied.

Q5. Will customers know about the standards?

The VACC website will publicly display the accreditation standards, informing customers of the substance and design of the program. This demonstrates transparency and authenticity.

You will be awarded a certificate of accreditation to display in your workplace as well as signage to demonstrate you have achieved accreditation with the VACC.

Q6. Can a member have accreditation removed?

Where a member is non-compliant with the standards, VACC will provide a specified period to rectify the non-compliance. If no action is taken during that period, the business must resign from the accreditation program.

The board reserves the right to remove accreditation status where it believes member behaviour is inconsistent with the VACC Constitution and Rules, or principles of the accreditation program.

Q7. What if I am already accredited?

The VACC Accreditation Team will contact members to discuss accreditation, next steps, and the tools available to assist in the transition to the new program; or fill out the contact form above and we will be in touch soon.

Consumers often look for the VACC sign and an accreditation sign may be the difference between winning or losing a customer – and keeping the ones you already have.

Please Note:

* VACC reserves the right to change or modify program rules from time to time and reference should be made to the VACC member website for the most up to date information.  VACC reserves the right accept or deny any application, in accordance with its rules.

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