VACC Automotive Apprenticeships 

The VACC Automotive Apprenticeships team are experts in the automotive apprenticeship and school based traineeship field.

The team can help launch your career as an apprentice motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, panel beater, spray painter and more!

For more information, head to the apprenticeship program website today.

To apply, head to the apprenticeship program website and follow the online prompts – you will need your resume, references and a cover letter ready to attach during the application process.

For assistance, or for more information about the program, please don't hesitate to contact the 
VACC Automotive Apprenticeships team.   

Employers looking to take on an apprentice should contact:                                                  CLICK TO APPLY NOW


TACC Automotive Apprenticeships

To apply for an apprenticeship placement, download the application form here.  Contact the TACC team via email and attach the following:

  • completed application form
  • resume
  • cover letter

Employers looking to take on an apprentice should contact the VACC Automotive Apprenticeships team: 

03 6278 1611 (Tasmania only)