Repairer's lien

You may have seen a notice in your repairer's customer service area called 'Repairer's Lien'. The repairer's lien is a lawful entitlement that any repairer has a right to enforce. It is the ability of the repairer to retain possession of your vehicle until he has received payment for services that you, as the customer, have asked the repairer to carry out. The repairer's lien, in most cases, takes priority over any other interest held in the vehicle by another party, (financiers etc). If you find yourself, as a customer, in dispute with a repairer who will not release your vehicle, please contact TACC for independent advice on how to recover possession of your vehicle.

Disposal of uncollected goods

In recent years TACC has received an increasing number of enquiries from members about vehicles left at their premises waiting for payment and collection. It is always the result of the owner not responding to contact from the repairer.

The repairer is able to charge storage fees if a vehicle is uncollected after a reasonable time period, and those fees can be added to the repair invoice. Our advice to consumers is to stay in contact with your repairer at all times, provide current contact details etc, in order to avoid a situation where you may risk losing ownership of your vehicle.

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Note: TACC will assist consumers manage their concerns, but TACC does not offer legal advice. Advice provided by TACC is not enforceable on either the business concerned or the consumer.