Consumer advice - TASMANIA ONLY

TACC provides an array of services and products to members. We offer our members advice on all aspects of running a business professionally. We also offer consumers advice and support regarding their rights and entitlements. 

Poor communication is the main cause of consumer concern being escalated to a point where the consumer loses faith with the supplier of services and looks for external advice. Too often consumers seek advice from family, friends and other trades persons which, while given with good intention, usually exacerbates the issue rather than resolving it.

If you have a concern about a service, repair or vehicle purchase from a TACC member business we can assist you with:

  • Advice on managing your concern
  • Provide technical information to understand the issue
  • Conciliation between the parties
  • Reference the appropriate legislation
  • Direct you to appropriate legal remedies

Your enquiry will be confidential unless you authorise us to speak to the other party.

It is important you understand that TACC is the industry association representing the interests of the associaltions membership. We are not a government department and membership of TACC is voluntary.

It is in TACC's interest to provide consumers with unbiased advice to uphold the good name of the automotive industry and assist consumers manage their concern for the best outcome.

It is also important to understand that the advice TACC provides will be based on the information you provide us and that the other party may have a different view of events. Accurate advice requires input from both parties.

If you need help with an automotive issue

Contact TACC - Tasmania Only

03 6278 1611
Email TACC

* If you are in Victoria please phone VACC on 03 9829 1111

Note: TACC will assist consumers manage their concern but TACC does not offer legal advice. Advice provided by TACC is not enforceable on either the business concerned or the consumer.