TACC members have access to great tools to support and grow their business plus a dedicated area manager. You might become a member to take an active part in meetings and committees or you might want to use your membership as a safety net. Whatever your intended level of involvement, being a member is a great boost to your business.

General members

Our members include:

  • New and used vehicle dealers
  • Service station operators
  • Automobile repairers
  • Crash repairers
  • Automotive electricians
  • Tow truck operators
  • Dismantlers
  • Farm machinery dealers
  • Tyre retailers
  • Engine reconditioners
  • Radiator repairers

The employment TACC members provide, the income they generate, and the key services they offer, make an important contribution to the economy of the state and the communities in which they operate.


TACC lobbies state and federal government on behalf of members and the industry. Be part of a large group of industry professionals who are capable of changing the sector for the better. As a division member, you'll receive industry specific news and information and be invited to meetings and seminars. Stand up and make your voice heard.

Technical services

Gain access to one of the largest technical libraries in the southern hemisphere. The library houses over 40,000 workshop manuals, OE body repair details, and motorcycle, truck and farm machinery information. And it’s growing every day; nearly 1km of shelving was recently added. This service also provides you with access to a comprehensive online automotive repair database as well as the highly regarded Tech Talk publication. If you can’t make it to a computer, don’t worry, our technical advisory service team are ready to answer your questions.

Industrial relations

The IR department provides members with over-the-phone and face-to-face advice, information and representation. The IR department can help with employee relationship queries such as:

  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary and termination procedures
  • WorkCover claims or unfair dismissals

Up-to-date wage rates, superannuation tables, employee handbooks and fact sheets are all available online.


VACC provides members with employment opportunities through the award winning Auto Apprenticeship Group Scheme. With exceptional completion and retention rates, well above the national average, VACC provides apprentices, and mature aged apprentices, with training, mentoring, leadership and valuable hands-on, work experience with a VACC host employer. We even provide a visa checking program to ensure employees are qualified to work in Australia.

Visa checking service
03 9829 1133

Occupational health, safety and environment

The OHSE Unit provides members with over-the-phone, email and face-to-face assistance, information and representation. The OHSE Unit can help you with compliance on:

  • Health and Safety obligations (State law and National Law)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Environmental obligations
  • Sustainability practices

The OHSE Unit has developed industry specific products, policies, procedures, guidance and templates to support your business. Also, you can access consultancy services and workplace inspections from qualified TACC OHSE professionals.

Member benefits

We provide you with cost saving deals for the business and home, from cheap accommodation to office supplies, eftpos deals and various trade services.

Publications and web design

Need a website to help boost business? Our members are eligible for website design services at special rates by our specialised team. Please visit our partners OurAuto Digital for more information.

VACC & TACC also produce a number of high quality publications:

  • Australasian Automotive - Australia's premier motor industry and automotive business news magazine
  • Tech Talk - monthly journal for technical news and repair information
  • Workplace Update - industrial relations newsletter for employers in the motor industry
  • TACC Newsletter - monthly, member-only newsletter.

Brand recognition

The TACC brand is well regarded and recognised. It's promoted to motorists and consumers through advertising, marketing and sponsorships. As a member you’ll be entitled to display the TACC brand on your business.

For more information contact

Southern Tasmania
Anthony Cowley
TACC Membership
0419 136 027
Email Anthony

North & North West Tasmania
Darren Anderson
TACC Membership
0400 442 203
Email Darren

Accredited members

As a further commitment to quality, TACC offers members the opportunity to become accredited. To become accredited the business must meet the required standards of quality for the respective division, and sign an agreement to maintain that standard. Accredited members agree to abide by a consumer complaint program managed by TACC and endorsed by the Department of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.