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29 July 2022

Two-wheeler life

Working in the automotive industry, I rely heavily on data to inform decision-making. Whether I am commenting on industry trends in the media, educating motorists or talking shop on THE GRILLE podcast.

For example, in the first quarter of 2022, motorcycle sales figures – as published by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries – clearly show motorists’ taste for motorcycles, scooters and off-highway vehicles (OHV) have wavered.

A total of 24,338 motorcycles, scooters and OHVs were sold between January and March. This represents a decrease of 10.7 per cent on 2021 figures.

I’m a little surprised.

With many Victorians still choosing to hit the road in private vehicles due to COVID-19, motorcycle sales spiked in the last few years. 

I saw that trend continuing – after all, two-wheelers have a lot of allure. 

For starters, they are an attractive option for commuting and recreational use. 

Motorcycles contribute to easing road and parking congestion. And let’s face it, no one is going to say ‘no’ to a smoother trip home. In fact, I reckon if the State Government is serious about Melbourne’s grid-locked traffic, it should actively promote powered two-wheelers as part of the solution.

And these machines are not going to be left behind in the EV revolution. This year when the Prime Minister opened the new VACC House in North Melbourne there was a ripper Savic Motorcycles C-Series on show as he cut the ribbon. The bike really is something to behold and everything an electric option should be – smooth, sturdy and effortless to ride.
Think about it. Freedom and autonomy have never been more highly valued, and automotive will continue to cater accordingly.

Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym.

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