Industry Policy Advisors

Kathy Zdravevski
Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers Division (ADRD)
Body Repair Division (BRD)
Towing Operators Division (TOD)
03 9829 1142
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Michael McKenna
Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association of Victoria (FIMDA)
Motorcycle Industry Division (MID)

Used Car Traders Division (UCTD)
Victorian Automobile Dealers Association (VADA) 
03 9829 1280
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John Khoury
Automotive Repairers Division (ARD)
Automotive Electrical Division (AED)
Engine Reconditioner and Radiator Service Division (ERRSD)
Victorian Tyre Dealers Association (VTDA)

03 9829 1153
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Dr Imogen Reid
Commercial Vehicle Industry Association Victoria (CVIAV)
General Division
Service Station and Convenience Store Division (SSCSD)

03 9829 1145
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650 Victoria Street
North Melbourne
Victoria, Australia 3051
03 9829 1111