Vehicle registration inspections

If your light vehicle (car, caravan, motorbike or trailer):

  • has a defect notice to be cleared
  • is ex-government and purchased at an auction
  • has an expired registration for longer than 3 months
  • is from the mainland and currently registered by another state or,
  • is recorded as a repairable write-off (RWO)

You are required to take the vehicle to an Approved Inspection Station (AIS).

How do I register my vehicle?

How can I check the current registration status of my vehicle?

Approved AIS locations

Repairable write-offs (RWO)

It's strongly recommended that a repair diary is presented for all RWO vehicles when presenting the vehicle for its Tier 1 and 3 inspections. Failure to present a repair diary could result in the vehicle being failed for inspection.

If you would like to know whether your vehicle has been classified as an RWO, contact AIS compliance on 6166 3271.

Approved Motor Body Repair Inspection Station (AMBRIS) Scheme