The Tasmanian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (TACC) has served the automotive industry in Tasmania since 1928.

There had always been a long standing and mutually supportive relationship between TACC and the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC).

TACC successfully lobbied state government on behalf of members for many years, but times were changing and in 1999 TACC and VACC were amalgamated. This merger offered members a more diverse range of services, while still maintaining a Tasmanian perspective on local issues.

Today we are dedicated to the promotion, representation and preservation of member businesses to local, state and federal governments, as well as the media, consumers and the community.

TACC Rules and By-Laws

TACC Committee

Chair:  Michael Grubb, Specialist Auto Hobart
Vice-Chair:  Terry Bienefelt, Motors Derwent Park

Mark Cooper, Cooper Automotive Mornington
Larry Eaton, Motorworks Motorcycles
Stuart Guy, FT Guy Bodyworks Pty Ltd
Peter Killick, B Select Moonah
Roger White, Specialist Car Centre

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It's your car, your choice

17 August 2021

It’s true. I have a disease. It’s called car-contractionitis, bike-billeousness, truck-titus, or something like that. My doctor told me once, but I forgot all about it. Thing is, I’m not looking for a cure for my disease. I’m happy being a car-coraller, a bike-belover and a truck-tragic. I just love all things on four wheels, and three… better make that two, too. Probably not one, but I digress. 

Look, I just love things with wheels. That all right with you?

I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my garage, including my pride and joy EH Holden, the first car I fell in love with. I have some Fords and Holdens, and some bikes, too. I also have an MGB Roadster with whitewall tyres.

What? Don’t you start…

All these vehicles are insured, of course but, after speaking to the people at VACC I got to thinking more about what was actually in my insurance policies.

What I found out was not everybody can choose who repairs their vehicle in the event of an accident. I was stunned. I thought, ‘It’s my car, my choice, right?’ 


Insurance companies are increasingly making choice of repairer an optional extra. But it’s an extra you should have. It’s your vehicle and you should be free to choose who repairs it. 

Having a ‘choice of repairer’ option in your vehicle insurance policy is important if you want more say in who repairs your car. Being able to choose your repairer can have many benefits. With your chosen repairer you’ll have peace of mind knowing they will care for you and your vehicle.

And that’s a good thing, right?

I have a trusted bloke that does all the panel repairs and resto bits and pieces on my vehicles. He’s the guy whose advice and skills I believe in the most. So, I wouldn’t want an insurance company to tell me that I can’t use him. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of motorists find themselves. It doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why you should choose choice of repairer.

Some benefits of choosing your own repairer include:

  • You can use a specialist repairer. Choice of repairer is important for owners of any car, no matter the make or model, but using a specialist repairer can really give you peace of mind if you’re in love with your vehicles, like I am.
  • Your car deserves quality repairs. Your chosen repairer will quote on every damaged component on your vehicle, including the bits you can’t see.
  • You can choose local. Being able to choose a repairer close to home can save you the trouble of whizzing all about town. Having your car repaired locally could also create jobs in your local community, and that’s a good thing too, right? No, that’s a great thing if you ask me.
  • You won’t be just a number. Insurance companies are often humongous corporations that may not see you or your vehicle individually. If you allow your insurer to control who repairs your car, you could wait longer than necessary, and your repairs may not come out the way you expected. If you feel you’re being treated like a number, choose ‘choice of repairer’ and get some control back.

So, come on, be in the driver’s seat and choose ‘choice of repairer’. Remember, it’s your car, your choice. 

VACC is spreading the word amongst motorists, so visit You can learn more about your rights and even go in the draw to win one year’s comprehensive car insurance!

And don’t forget to catch up with me on the next episode of THE GRILLE podcast. I talk shop with Greg Rust and VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym every month and we cover industry news and issues – just like this one.

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