Coronavirus: Melbourne closure details, auto impacted

3 August 2020

Update: Members are advised to rely on the most recent news stories and Bulletins only, as government advice and regulations will continue to change as the COVID-19 situation develops. The advice below was correct at the time of publication. The latest COVID-19 news is available here.

The Victorian State Government has released industry closure details, following the recent announcement of increased restrictions for Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Under Stage 4 Restrictions, the following automotive operations in Melbourne will be closed for on site work:

  • Auction houses (but can continue online auctions)
  • Motor vehicle retailing and wholesaling (but can continue online sales and contactless delivery) 
  • Motor vehicle parts retailing and wholesaling (but can continue trade sales and conttactless delivery)
  • Transport equipment manufacturing (but can continue operations if supplying to identified sectors, such as emergency vehicles).

The closure ruling therefore impacts the VACC Divisions: Commercial Vehicle Industry Association (CVIA); Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association of Victoria (FIMDA); Motorcycle Industry Division (MID); Used Car Traders' Division (UCTD) and Victorian Automobile Dealers Association (VADA).

Exempt businesses
(a)    any business or undertaking conducted by a sole operator
(b)    any business or undertaking exempted by the Chief Health Officer or Deputy Chief Health Officer in writing, and subject to any conditions deemed necessary; or
(c)    any business or undertaking exempted by the Chief Health Officer in writing if determined that the business or undertaking manufactures goods or provides services that:
        a. would, if not exempted, otherwise permanently close and create a major supply chain gap in the state’s industrial capability that would unlikely to be filled after a return to normal conditions.   
        b. are critical to global supply chains in the local and international manufacture of essential products overseas, such as medical equipment and supplies.

VACC members are encouraged to look out for email communications from their Industry Policy Advisors and contact the VACC Industrial Relations Department for assistance.


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For more information
Victorian State Government: Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions Victoria
Australian Government: COVID-19 Restriction Checker

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