Coronavirus: Auto remains open, remote options

4 August 2020

Update: Members are advised to rely on the most recent news stories and Bulletins only, as government advice and regulations will continue to change as the COVID-19 situation develops. The advice below was correct at the time of publication. The latest COVID-19 news is available here.

Most automotive businesses in metropolitan Melbourne can remain open, under the new Stage 4 restrictions announced by Daniel Andrews, set to take effect from Wednesday, 5 August 11:59pm and remain in place for six weeks.

Automotive businesses forced to close on-site operations are vehicle wholesale and retail sales, wholesale and retail parts supply and some automotive manufacturing, while dealers can continue to operate service and repair facilities, and parts suppliers can continue selling to the trade. 

Aftermarket service and repair, body repair, tyre fitting and all other areas of the automotive industry can remain open.

Importantly, affected businesses can continue operations remotely, if they wish. Opportunities include maintaining relationships with their current client database, identifying potential leads, conducting online virtual vehicle ‘inspections’, and any other non-contact related work, such as refreshing databases, ordering stock, upskilling staff via VACC's Online Learning platform or other professional development courses.

Businesses that are forced – or choose – to close should retain their marketing activities, including communications through websites and social media, so that their businesses remain front-of-mind when lockdown rules ease.

Regional Victoria is now operating under Stage 3 restrictions. With the exception of public auctions (auction houses can conduct business online), all automotive businesses can remain open.

VACC members are encouraged to read and print related Chamber statement, Auto remains open.


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