Data codes and car health

7 February 2020

Fair info sharing’s good news for consumers

Maintaining and repairing vehicles today requires a lot of diagnostics analysis, and access to data codes that determine the way your engine and the other systems in your car work properly.

Accessing vehicle information has been contentious for some time, with independent mechanics claiming they’re sometimes denied access by vehicle manufacturers.

As vehicles become increasingly complex and digitally-driven this means that all vehicle repairers – dealerships, mechanics, body repairers and others – need to access manufacturer codes and repair information to fix and re-calibrate vehicles.

Even new parts often need the DNA code from the manufacturer so that they can communicate properly with the vehicle’s electronic and data systems, and work correctly and safely. The part needs to tell the vehicle it’s the real deal because a lack of coding can sometimes disable a whole system. It’s important stuff where your vehicle’s concerned.

Work is currently underway, in government, to build legislation that will enable all mechanics and other repairers to access the same information for vehicles.

This means consumers will know that wherever they take their car the same level of vehicle data will be available, at the new-car dealership or with their local mechanic.       

That’s good news for you because it’s you that ultimately decides where to have your vehicle serviced and maintained. Having a fair system of vehicle service and repair information sharing will mean you’ll be confident your local business will have everything required to do so.


Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. As featured in the Herald Sun 7 February 2020.

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