First stage of quad safety measures now in play

13 October 2020

The first stage of a two-part rollout of new quad bike safety measures is now in place.

Motorcycle Industry Division and Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association members were advised in late 2019 that the Federal Government had accepted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's recommendation to introduce a new mandatory safety standard for quad bikes. 

The first stage of these new standards came into play on Sunday, 11 October.

All new quad bikes and imported second-hand quad bikes must now:

  • meet the requirements within sections 4 to 8 of the US quad bike Standard, ANSI/SVIA 1-2017 or sections 5 to 7 of the EN 15997:2011 Standard, and have a spark arrester installed that conforms to AS 1019-2000 or US 5100-d Standards
  • be tested for lateral static stability using a tilt table test and display the angle at which they tip onto two wheels on a hang tag at the point of sale
  • have a durable label affixed, visible and legible when the quad bike is in operation, alerting the operator to the risk of rollover, and must include rollover safety information in the owner’s manual.

VACC members are advised that the second stage, which requires the fitting of operator protection devices and minimum stability requirements for new and second-hand imported general use quad bikes, will become mandatory in one year’s time.

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