Apply for a TACC Auto Apprenticeship

Note: Tasmania only.

Simply fill in the application form on the link below and return to TACC by post, fax, or email, details are on the form.

To learn more about becoming an apprentice, contact:

North and North West Region
Darren Anderson
P: 0400 442 203
Email Darren

Southern Region
Nigel Fox
P: 0418 509 482
Email Nigel

TACC Auto Apprenticeships

VACC/TACC Auto Apprenticeships are the experts in Automotive apprenticeships and traineeships.

VACC/TACC currently employs over 550 apprentices and trainees working within the automotive industry across Victoria and Tasmania. Since the beginning of the VACC Auto Apprenticeships in 1983 over 2500 people have qualified through the scheme.

VACC/TACC Auto Apprenticeships provides a smooth pathway for individuals opting to enter the workforce within the automotive sector, commencing as early as Year 10. We recruit the best candidates and then place them with suitable host employers for their on-the-job training, pay for the necessary medical examination, conduct an induction program, and place them on the VACC payroll. We make a commitment to ensure the security of continuing employment throughout their training period.

We are in it for the long haul, so it does not end there.  Apprentices and trainees employed by VACC/TACC  have access to our trade qualified Field Managers who will monitor their performance as well as provide mentoring, coaching, intervening in disputes and rotating workplaces of the apprentices and trainees when necessary. By regularly visiting the apprentices in the workplace to provide ongoing support, while engaging with business owners and staff we ensure everything runs smoothly. 

As the only industry peak body employer of apprentices and trainees, with a great wealth of knowledge and experience within the automotive industry, in choosing TACC Auto Apprenticeships - you know you’ll be “in good hands”