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Congratulations on 25 years of membership

Complete Truck Bodies Pty Ltd
NCR: Debbie Iverach

Fawkner Automotive Repairs
NCR: Wayne Martin

P J & T Motors
NCR: John Mc Mahon

Tandem Drive Truck Suspension Repair Pty Ltd
NCR: Daryl Eldridge

Congratulations on 50 years of membership

Hampden Road Service Station Pty Ltd
NCR: Gary Muller

L.J Cattaruzza & S.G Cattaruzza
NCR: Steve Cattaruzza

Congratulations on 75 years of membership

A Franzini Pty Ltd
A Gange Pty Ltd
Arnoldt & Greenwood Pty Ltd
Auto Electric Service Pty Ltd
Callaghan Motors Pty Ltd
Donalda Motor Service Pty Ltd
Edneys Leongatha Pty Ltd
H A & D E Schroeter
Harp Junction Garage Pty Ltd
Holts Auto Service Pty Ltd
Innes Motors Pty Ltd
J J Dwyer (Wholesale) Pty Ltd
Melbourne Towing Service Pty Ltd
Nectarine Glen Pty Ltd
R L Bales Pty Ltd
South Gippsland Motors Pty Ltd
Stuart & Harrison (Sales) Pty Ltd
The Trustee for Davey's Electrical Services Trust
Ventura Bus Lines Pty Ltd
Wangaratta Motors Pty Ltd
Wilmour Motors Pty Ltd

Congratulations on 100 years of membership

Wilson Bolton & Co Pty Ltd

Membership applications
The following applications have been received for VACC/TACC Membership: NCR: Nominated Chamber Representative

Autoways Car Repair Pty Ltd
Autoways Car Repair Centre
NCR: Leo Gao
Barakat Baselyous
PMC Panel Beating & Mechanic
NCR: Barakat Baselyous
Baysic Pty Ltd
Procar Prestige
NCR: David Kabalo
Brian J & Janet E Coghill
Warrack Refrigeration & Airconditioning
NCR: Brian Coghill
Buchan Towing Pty Ltd
Buchan Towing
NCR: John Knowles
C.J. Miller and J. Miller
Madden Auto Salvage
NCR: Clayton Miller
Cortaro Motor Group Pty Ltd
Pro Paint Bodyworks
NCR: Jake Alexiadis
Dale Lindsay Soulsby
DL Soulsby Auto Electrics
NCR: Dale Soulsby
Damien Westwick
24 Hour Towing & Roadside Assistance
NCR: Damian Westwick
Darcy Jay Ward
Darcy Ward Mechanical Repairs
NCR: Adie Kriesl
David John Adams
Dave's Mechanical Services
NCR: David Adams
David John Brewer
South West Auto Electrical & Airconditioning
NCR: David Brewer
Elite Engine Building Pty Ltd
Elite Engine Building Pty Ltd
NCR: Chris Morus
Euro Motorsport (Vic) Pty Ltd
Euro Motorsport
NCR: Garnik Manukyan
Frank Vella
Budget Auto Centre
NCR: Frank Vella
G Stavropoulos & J Stavropoulos
Braeside Steering Conversions
NCR: John Stavropoulos
Galev Nominees Pty Ltd
Rent A Bomb Tullamarine
NCR: John Lev
Haitham Saeed Ahmed Habib Abbas
Faith Mobile Mechanics
NCR: Haitham Abbas
J & L Walker Automotive Pty Ltd
Ballarat Roadworthy Centre
NCR: James Walker
Japtralia Vehicle Import Pty Ltd
NCR: Mohammed Aflal
Jason Scott Willoughby
JSW Automotive
NCR: Jason Willoughby
Karvel Industries Pty Ltd
Karvel Automotive Seymour
NCR: Anthony Caccaviello
Leon Nixon Fischer
Fischers Auto
NCR: Leon Fischer
Luke Henry Dawson
Dawson Mobile Mechanical
NCR: Luke Dawson
Mansfield Crushing Pty Ltd
Mansfield Crushing
NCR: Judd Horneman
Marinos Aggouridakis
EA Motors
NCR: Mario Aggouridakis
Motor Cycle Accessories Supermarket Pty Ltd
MCA Motorcycles Dandenong
NCR: Bradley Hardcastle
Motor Cycle Accessories Supermarket Pty Ltd
MCA Motorcycles Keilor
NCR: Bradley Hardcastle
Motor Cycle Accessories Supermarket Pty Ltd
Morgan and Wacker Harley-Davidson
NCR: Bradley Hardcastle
Motor Stream Pty Ltd
Motor Stream
NCR: Frank Mourad
Precision Auto Centre Pty Ltd
Precision Auto Centre
NCR: Anish Joseph
Prestige Star Auto Pty Ltd
Prestige Star Auto
NCR: Terson Amarasekara
Preston Collision Centre Pty Ltd
Preston Collision Centre
NCR: Darren Stirton
QB Dent Free Pty Ltd
QB Dent Free
NCR: Phil Kube
R&D Automotive Imports Pty Ltd
Italian Automotive Spares
NCR: Domenic Fragale
Richard John Avery
Avery's Auto Service
NCR: Richard Avery
Salmeron David Antonio
DS Autocare
NCR: David Salmeron
Sameer Joshi
Car Tech Melbourne
NCR: Sameer Joshi
Serendib Motors Pty Ltd
Serendib Car Sales
NCR: Rumesh Halpita
Sims Automotive Pty Ltd
Combined Clutch & Brake
NCR: Justin Sims
Spark Smash Repair Pty Ltd
Spark Smash Repair
NCR: Reza Mohammadi
Stack's Of Automotive Pty Ltd
Stack's Of Automotive Pty Ltd
NCR: Stacey Lee
Stephen James Pitt
Tiger Tyres Bayswater
NCR: Steve Pitt
Swan Allan
Combined Truck & Earth Moving Repairs
NCR: Allan Swan
The Garry Cook Family Trust
Procar Collision Repair Centre
NCR: Garry Cook
The Trustee for Capri Trust
Ultim8 Car Fit
NCR: Mark Connor
The Trustee for Dimmock Management Trust
Swedish Prestige
NCR: David Dimmock
The Trustee for H and K United Family Trust
Clayton Roadworthy Centre
NCR: David Hu
The Trustee for Marlis Unit Trust
All-Tek Euroserve
NCR: Jack Bornyan
The Trustee for S & T Garner Family Trust
Garner Automotive Restoration
NCR: Scott Garner
The Trustee for Seallana Family Trust
Swan Hill Kawasaki & Small Engines
NCR: Jessica Bedggood
The Trustee for the Affordable Prestige Trust
Affordable Prestige
NCR: Joe Fattal
The Trustee for The Elbouch Family Trust
Winrell Motors
NCR: Adam Elbouch
The Trustee for The JPHM Family Trust
Major Car Sales
NCR: John Major
The trustee for Vasili Kraskoff Family Trust
Reliance Car Sales Pty Ltd
NCR: Nick Kraskoff
Trent Vanburren
E & L Davis Service Centre
NCR: Trent Van Buuren
Tulla Automotive Pty Ltd
Tulla Auto Care
NCR: Sam Brar
William Box
Total Car Services
NCR: Bill Box
Xpert Autos & Tyres Pty Ltd
Xpert Autos & Tyres
NCR: Yasin Madni

Shree Hanuman Investments Pty Ltd
Caltex Somerset
NCR: Nirav Soni

Divisional accredited applications
The following applications have been received for VACC Divisional Accreditation: NCR: Nominated Chamber Representative