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2015 Media Releases


4 June – Do not consider or attempt to disable, deactivate or remove faulty airbags from your vehicle

20 May – New Resources To Boost Hands-On Learning At Healesville High School
19 May – Mitsubishi Motors Australia drives VACC’s Donation Program in Healesville
11 May – Ditch the Luxury Car Tax if you’re serious about new car affordability
5 May – VACC says Budget missed an opportunity
1 May – AMIF leaders reaffirm their opposition to the deregulation of new car imports

16 April – Stop - don’t do it. VACC tells Federal Government to step away from relaxing restrictions on new car imports
14 April – Apprenticeship as good as any other vocational qualification or degree
13 April – Automotive industry takes lead to support apprenticeship education with launch of multimillion dollar donations
1 April – Wrong turn on potential for relaxation on second hand vehicle imports

29 March – Ground-breaking interactive motor show gets big tick from auto fans
20 March – VACC Automotive Design Awards winners draw attention to the Australian Motoring Festival 
20 March – Adam Wong's design
20 March – Patrick Sohn's design
11 March – ATS decision a welcome boost for the whole automotive industry
5 March – Small business should not be made to feel like second rate citizens Image
3 March – VACC supports renewed focus on Victoria's training providers

13 February – Australian Motoring Festival brand announcement
6 February – Two tiered company tax rate not the way to go

13 January – VACC calls for new funding model that rewards high-quality training providers