Choice of repairer

14 June 2024

Do you read your vehicle insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) each year at renewal time?

I bet you don’t. 

So, when I ask a second question – Can you choose where to have your vehicle repaired when an accident happens? – I reckon it’s a safe bet you don’t know the answer.

I can’t blame you. 

An insurance PDS is hardly riveting reading, with plenty of tedious fine print. Insurers have a knack of making the detail hard to read and understand. And yet, it’s extremely important you know what you’re paying for.

Having a choice of repairer is a fundamental right. 

It’s your vehicle. You are forking out good money for your insurance policy, so you should be allowed to choose the business that repairs your car. Does someone tell you what builder to use when you’re renovating your house or what gardener to engage when you want someone to mow your lawn? No.

You may not have a firm opinion on who fixes your crash-damaged car, and that’s fine, but plenty of people do.  Some motorists have an ongoing relationship with a panel repair shop they know and trust. 

Some people, particularly in regional areas, are passionate about supporting local businesses.  And some owners of collectable and classic vehicles only trust a marque specialist to restore their pride and joy. All these are legitimate reasons to want a choice of repairer.

So, when it’s time to renew your vehicle insurance cover, ask if you have a choice of repairer. 

If you don’t, go to an insurer who offers it.

Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. As published in the Herald Sun 14 June 2024

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