Dear Santa

15 December 2023

It’s time once again to get out my notepad and pencil and scribble my wish list to Santa. So, this is what I want for Christmas this year.

  1. Driving – Everyone inspects their tyres, restraints, lights and brakes before heading off on holidays, or has someone do it for them.
  2. Roads – A fair road user system for everyone, whether driving an internal combustion engine car or electric vehicle.
  3. Jobs – Everyone who wants a job can find meaningful employment.
  4. Business – All businesses, especially small businesses, get back on their feet because we can’t do without them.
  5. Government – Business and employment gets a boost because the government cuts unnecessary red tape.
  6. Youth – Every young person has access to a decent job, because we all value training and apprenticeships.
  7. Safety – Everyone looks after their family and friends this season, at home, at work, everywhere.
  8. Technology – Flying cars become a reality, but maybe not this year.
  9. Fun – Oscar Piastri wins at next year’s Australian Formula 1 race at Albert Park. 
  10. Dreams – Oh, and I’d like a Ferrari Roma, please Santa. A red one.

However, you may – or may not – celebrate this holiday season, enjoy the break and please be careful and considerate on the road.

Words: VACC CEO Geoff Gwilym, as published in the Herald Sun 15 December 2023.

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