More than meets the eye

20 November 2020

­What is the automotive industry?

When Australians talk of the auto industry, they often mean car manufacturing.

Building cars and other vehicles, like commercials, trucks, motorcycles, and farm machinery, is like the tip of the iceberg – it’s the bit you see, the thing you can put our hands on.

But just like an iceberg, the larger part is a bit harder to see. Without it though, the world would quickly grind to a halt.

For you to be able to drive or ride or commute in a vehicle, it first needs to be sold, then serviced and maintained, fuelled and recycled.

Dealerships and mechanical repair shops are probably the two parts of the auto industry with the most public contact.

But beyond that, there is much more. There are tyre dealerships to keep you safely in contact with the road, and body repair shops and windscreen repairers for when things go wrong.

There are specialist repairers and manufacturers for transmissions, radiators, brakes, suspension and more.

Then there is the restoration trade to bring vehicles back to life. Specialist coachbuilders and painters and trimmers can and often do make vehicles better than when they were new.

Another part of the industry caters for the crucial heavy vehicle sector, like trailer makers, coupling manufacturers and specialist engineering services who ensure the success and safety of the freight and logistics industry.

There’s so much to the automotive industry, and it is that diversity of trades and skills that makes it such a wonderful sector in which to work.

Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. As featured in the Herald Sun 20 November 2020.

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