Open for business

30 October 2020

­And at your service

The easing of metro Melbourne COVID-19 restrictions was very welcome news this week. As the whole of Victoria has now moved from 'stay home' to 'stay safe' measures, it means there are no longer restrictions on the reasons to leave home.

This is music to motorist ears, as Melbourne automotive businesses have been able to reopen, with no limits on the work performed, provided a COVIDSafe Plan is in place.

Now, we may be on track for even greater freedoms come 8 November, but it is important to remain vigilant. Continuing to follow COVIDSafe principles, in order to prevent future outbreaks, is imperative. This includes physical distancing, wearing a fitted mask and practicing good hygiene.

Rest assured these principles apply to businesses too.

Everyone, from your local mechanic to dealership has had it tough during lockdown. No one wants to go through it again, it would be disastrous. Businesses are committed to putting safety first, so you can be a confident customer.

Measures include a mandatory COVIDSafe Plan, contactless arrangements such as payment and vehicle pick-up/drop-off, comprehensive record keeping, and employee policies and procedures. If you are unsure, ask your local business owner what practices they have in place.

Thank you to all Melbournians for their efforts, it hasn’t been easy, but I’m proud to be a part of such an intelligent and resilient community. On behalf of VACC, its members and the wider auto industry, we are at your service once again.

Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. As featured in the Herald Sun 30 October 2020.

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