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7 August 2020

­Boards provide framework for success

ASX-listed companies, not-for-profit organisations, and your local amateur sporting club all have something in common. They are likely to be led by a board.

So is VACC.

Boards are interesting beasts, each with its own culture and common ‘personality’. Sophisticated companies are commercially charged with high-powered businesspeople sitting around the table. A charity or not-for-profit might have members filling the board positions – with furthering the cause or industry the main priority. A sporting club or community organisation is likely to have community benefit front of mind.

These are all worthy ways of steering an organisation, and all are necessary to the running of our nation.

VACC’s Executive Board consists of nine individuals elected from committees representing different sectors of the auto industry – like mechanical repair, tyres, and franchise vehicle dealers – with financial members making up those committees. The board was established like this to ensure balance and representation across the industry, and it works very well.

Like on most boards, there are positions for president, vice president and secretary, with six other general director positions.

Through the FairWork Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission, VACC conducts elections every two years, with this year being an election year. The process opened in July and every step of the way, the system and the ballot result are audited for correctness and fairness. The results will be publicly announced in November.

VACC is a member organisation and could not run without the fine leadership provided by the Executive Board.

Words: VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym. As featured in the Herald Sun 7 August 2020.

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