Electronic elections for VACC Divisional Executive Committees in 2024

9 MAY 2024

 VACC has 15 Divisions that reflect different parts of the automotive industry, and in the case of Tasmania (TACC), this Division represents all members in that state. Each Division is represented by 10 or 12 members from each Division, who are nominated and elected to the Committee every two years.

In November 2023, VACC held a Special General Meeting to consider a number of changes to VACC's Constitution and amongst these was the facility to hold Divisional elections electronically. Changes were adopted by the members, and these have recently been ratified by the Fair Work Commission.

Accordingly, the VACC Executive Board has determined to move the 2024 Executive Divisional Committee elections to an electronic format, and preliminary advice on this change is provided in this Bulletin, which was sent to all members on 8 May. This is not a Notice calling for nominations; that will be communicated on 20 May 2024. The 20 May Notice will also provide additional information on the nomination process. 

This short video further explains the role of Divisional Executive Committees.

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