VicRoads roadworthy eCertificate trial

13 January 2021

Victoria has arguably one of the best roadworthy schemes in the country thanks to road safety regulations, a stringent set of policies and procedures administered by VicRoads, and a network of highly skilled Licensed Vehicle Testers (LVTs). Now it's time for the industry to transition online, and the first step is to participate in the VicRoads roadworthy eCertificate trial.

Key benefits

  • Reduce admin tasks: No need to keep a paper-based register, manually fill out certificates and store archived books
  • Improve compliance: Instant notifications will communicate that a vehicle is currently undergoing a roadworthy inspection and highlight any previous issues
  • Reduce red tape for consumers.

VicRoads roadworthy eCertificate trial: Register interest

VACC has been advocating for over 12 years for the introduction of an online roadworthy system in order to improve efficiencies for LVTs, Licensed Motor Car Traders and consumers. Through its LVT industry focus group, the Chamber has been working collaboratively with VicRoads to ensure the solution now being trialled is fit for purpose, while also embarking on an education campaign across metro and regional Victoria.

While an official launch decision is awaiting a formal ministerial announcement, VicRoads has advised that it has ministerial approval to extend the program trial (originally initiated pre-pandemic) to all LVTs wishing to participate.

VACC thanks Jaala Pulford MP for her support of such an important initiative. 

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