Coronavirus: restrictions set to change

8 May 2020

The Federal Government has announced a three-step COVID-19 plan in a bid to secure a "COVID-safe economy" by July 2020, however Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews has confirmed that Victorians must wait until Monday, 11 May for further details and a solid timeline.

At a press conference, Mr Andrews said that for Victoria, "nothing changes today, nothing changes tomorrow, nothing changes Sunday".

In the meantime, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined some potential aspects of the plan, while also flagging that states would move at their own pace:

  • Step one sees the lifting of bans on gatherings of up to 10 people and some recreational sports, restaurants/cafes reopening, as well as an increase in funeral and wedding attendee numbers
  • Step two would involve the reopening of cinemas and galleries and a wider range of sports allowed
  • Step three, depending on virus rates, would allow gatherings of up to 100 people.

For more information
ABC News: Coronavirus restriction changes in Victoria to be announced on Monday, Premier says

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