Coronavirus: Posters for premises

3 APRIL 2020

During these uncertain times, we must all play our part to help slow down the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

One key and easy way to do this is to start social distancing. The Department of Health is instructing all Australians to keep a 1.5-metre distance from other people, whenever possible. This includes in the workplace. The more space between yourself and others, the safer everyone will be long-term.

The Chamber has created a poster set especially for members, designed to remind their employees and customers that auto is open and to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Download, print and display in prominent areas on the business premises, including communal areas such as the lunchroom, reception and/or waiting area. Large-scale hardcopy versions of these posters will be mailed to all members shortly. 

VACC poster 1
TACC poster 1

VACC poster 2
TACC poster 2 

VACC poster 3
TACC poster 3

VACC poster 4
PNG (for email signature)

TACC poster 4
PNG (for email signature)

Also available to members is a COVID-19 mask poster set, designed following the announcement of mandatory face covering in Victorian hotspots and maximum persons allowed posters.

Please reach out to the Industrial Relations Department and OHS&E Unit for assistance if you are in need:

VACC Industrial Relations
P: 03 9829 1123

P: 03 9829 1265

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