VACC Accreditations

VACC Accredited Members had met minimum standards when accepted as members of their Division or Special Interest Group. These standards relate to facilities, equipment and qualified staff and the member agrees to abide by the Code of Practice and Divisions Rules. Accredited Members are entitled to display the VACC Accredited sign.
To find out more about VACC Accreditation, contact VACC Membership Services on (03) 9829 1204 or via email

Green Stamp Certifications

The Green Stamp Certifications Program assists and rewards businesses as a result of the environmental management and sustainability initiatives that are implemented into their day to day business. The program aims to put the focus on automotive businesses that include environmental considerations when operating a business.
The program covers key areas considered as essential to reducing the automotive industry's impact on the environment. These key environmental areas include:

The Green Stamp Accreditation Program has three levels, with accreditation being rewarded to businesses that meet Levels 2 and 3.

Level 1 - Legislative Requirements

Level 1 - Legislative Requirements is not an accreditation level. Businesses meeting this level are showing that they are meeting environmental legislative requirements, and therefore all businesses should be meeting Level 1 requirements at a minimum.
Businesses that meet Level 1 - Legislative Requirements have the opportunity to progress to an accreditation level that is nationally recognised.

Level 2 - Voluntary Initiatives

Level 2 - Voluntary Initiatives is the first accreditation level of the Green Stamp Accreditation Program.
Businesses that achieve this level have demonstrated that they have met all the applicable level 1 requirements, and implemented a number of voluntary initiatives into their day to day activities.

Level 3 - Continual Improvement

Level 3 - Continual Improvement is the highest level that can be obtained in the Green Stamp Accreditation Program.
Businesses that achieve this level have demonstrated that they are continuously striving to reduce the business' impact to the environment by implementing an Environmental Management Plan and incorporating innovative ideas and technologies into their day to day activities.
VACC has developed specific accreditation for six divisions including:

Body Repairers
Mechanical Repairer
Parts Recyclers
Tyre Dealerships

Other automotive industry divisions can be Green Stamp Accredited on request. Contact the VACC OHSE Unit on (03) 9829 1117 or by emailing