Legislative requirements

An Australian Apprentice should be treated the same as any other employee. Some employment conditions that are required by law are listed below:

Wages and awards

All Australian Apprentices must receive the wages and conditions under an appropriate award, approved enterprise agreement, or the national minimum wage and National Employment Standards. Your employer is required by law to have a copy of this award or agreement accessible to you.

Pay slip

Australian Apprentices must receive a pay slip that includes details such as the period of employment to which the pay relates, the hours worked (including overtime), gross pay, tax deducted, other deductions and net pay. Pay slips must be issued within one working day of payment. 

Other obligations

An Australian Apprentice is eligible to receive the same entitlements as full-time or part-time employees such as:

  • Leave (personal leave, annual leave, parental leave, compassionate leave)
  • Allowances (tool allowance, uniform or laundry allowance, travel allowance) as set out in the relevant legislation or industrial award
  • Employer superannuation contributions.

State and federal legislation

Australian Apprentices are also covered by state or territory legislation such as anti-discrimination laws and Occupational Health and Safety laws in the workplace. To view those legislated requirements please click here.