Information for parents

A career in the automotive industry is an excellent career choice for your son or daughter. There is no limit to how far a person with drive and ambition can go and there is no limit to the personal and financial rewards it offers. Sitting at the top of the industry are business people responsible for multi-million dollar automotive enterprises, whose salaries and conditions reflect their positions.

Most of the top managers, technicians and business people began their careers as apprentices. Working in the automotive trades invariably means a period of time spent ‘on the tools’. Many people enjoy this part of their work and choose to never leave it behind, becoming skilled senior technicians.

Advances in technology have led to a growing number of career opportunities, and high vehicle sales have increased the numbers of vehicles requiring maintenance and repair. In turn, we are seeing a growing need for skilled tradespeople. A career in the automotive industry not only promises great opportunity, but great security.

We can help direct your son or daughter into a career that suits them, whether it's automotive electrician or business management.