Career paths

There are many options open to young people entering the automotive industry. How far you go depends on your ambition and drive. Many people who manage or own businesses in the industry started their careers as apprentices or trainees.

Light Vehicle (Car) Mechanic

Do cars inspire you?

If you love being around cars, working with your hands and problem solving, chances are you would make a great mechanic. An automotive apprenticeship is the ideal start to a career with great opportunities.

Heavy Vehicle (Truck) Mechanic

Interested in keeping the wheels turning under Australia?

With booming transport, mining and heavy construction sectors in Australia, there are skills shortages, great opportunities and rewarding careers for people servicing, repairing and maintaining trucks and heavy equipment.

Motorcycle Mechanic

Are motorcycles your thing?

Do you really get into superbikes or Moto GP, perhaps Supercross is your bag? Make a career out of something you love and become a motorcycle mechanic.

Spray Painter

Could I be a spray painter?

If custom cars, paint graphics and spectacular paint jobs give you a buzz, and if you've got a good eye for colour, you'll love a career as a spray painter.

Panel Beater

Could I be a panel beater?

Panel beating isn't just about bashing out car panels. As a panel beater you'll learn the latest techniques for repairing metal, fibreglass and the plastic body work of modern vehicles.

Auto Electrician

Do auto electrics turn you on?

If you're interested in cars, electronics, audio systems and problem solving, you'll love a career as an auto electrician. Are you aware that the modern car has dozens of computers linking the complex electronics to keep it running? The transmission mapping, engine management, the audio system, and even the climate control system are all managed by computer processors and complex electronics.

Spare Parts

Are you organised and quick thinking?

Behind the scenes of all automotive trades, there are spare parts interpreters. These people are responsible for procurement and warehousing operations of automotive components to workshops, to ensure the job is completed quickly and efficiently. Without spare parts interpreters, Australia's automotive industry stops.

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