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Federal Budget Summary 2020/21

9 October 2020

TACC has outlined the budget provisions for Tasmania.

JobMaker Plan – Infrastructure Investment – Tasmania
The Government will provide $359.6 million from 2020/21 for priority road projects in Tasmania to support economic recovery and jobs, increasing the Government’s total commitment to transport infrastructure in Tasmania to over $3.2 billion. This funding includes:

  • $150.0 million for the Hobart to Sorell Corridor – Midway Point Causeway (including McGees Bridge) and Sorell Causeway
  • $72.0 million for the Tasman Roads Package – Bass Highway Upgrades (between Deloraine and Devonport), West Tamar Highway Upgrades (between Exeter and Launceston) and Bridport Road Freight Efficiency and Safety Upgrades
  • $65.0 million for the Tasman Bridge Upgrade
  • $52.0 million for the Midland Highway Upgrade – Future Priorities
  • $12.0 million for Freight Bridge Upgrades.

The Government will also bring forward $15.0 million to accelerate the Hobart to Sorell Corridor – Hobart Airport to Sorell Southern Bypass.

This is in addition to funding provided to Tasmania through the measures titled JobMaker Plan – Infrastructure Investment – road safety and upgrades and JobMaker Plan – Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program – extension.

JobMaker Plan – improving energy affordability and reliability
The Government will provide up to $134.7 million over four years from 2020/21 to support investment in dispatchable generation and reliable energy supplies in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

This measure includes:

  • loan funding to progress the delivery of the design and approval phase of the Marinus Link project (a second transmission interconnector between Victoria and Tasmania) to enable a financial investment decision by 2024. A Special Purpose Vehicle will be established to meet mutual governance and decision-making requirements.

Services Australia – provision of remote services – continuation
The Government will provide $24.7 million in 2020/21 for Services Australia to continue to support the delivery of government payments and services in remote locations in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Northern Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.

Supporting our Hospitals
The Government will provide $131.4 billion over six years from 2019/20 to the states and territories for public hospital services and implementation of the 2020/25 National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA), including to:

  • extend an agreement with the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and the Northern Territory to support their funding share under activity-based funding arrangements.

Bushfire Response Package – disaster recovery funding arrangements
The Government has provided $109.6 million in 2019/20 under Categories C and D of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for recovery packages for communities and assistance for primary producers affected by the 2019/20 bushfire season. The Government will also provide an additional $13.7 million to the Tasmanian Government in recognition of the impacts of the 2018-19 Tasmanian bushfires.

COVID-19 Response Package – infrastructure stimulus
The Government will provide $2.0 billion over three years from 2020/21 for priority regional and urban transport infrastructure across Australia to support local jobs and economic recovery post-COVID-19. This includes:

  • $34.3 million in Tasmania, including $8.0 million for state road network enhancements and $12.3 million for Targeted Safety Works.
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