TACC Roadside Help

Did you know your TACC Accredited Mechanical Repairer can offer free roadside assistance for up to 12 months after your car service?

To reward their valued customers, many TACC Accredited Mechanical Repairers present their customers with a complementary roadside help certificate, following the servicing of a vehicle. TACC Roadside Help entitles the recipient to assistance if their vehicle runs out of fuel, has a flat battery, a flat tyre or their vehicle breaks down. The certificate is valid for a minimum 6 months, and there is also an optional 12 month version available at the discretion of the issuer.

If you experience a problem with your vehicle, and not able to drive it, a call to our call centre will result in prompt roadside service. If the issue is unable to be rectified at the point of breakdown your vehicle will be towed to your certificate issuer.

Enquire with your TACC Accredited repairer about receiving complimentary roadside help when booking your next vehicle service.

Find TACC Roadside Help issuers here