New car imports

VACC is campaigning against a Federal Government proposal to deregulate new car imports.

The Government claims relaxing restrictions on new car imports and enabling individuals and parallel importers to purchase new cars, motorcycles and farm machinery from overseas will:

  • reduce red tape
  • provide greater consumer competition
  • make vehicles more affordable

VACC opposes the proposed deregulation, and has made its concerns clear to Infrastructure and Regional Development Assistant Minister, Jamie Briggs.

Together with the national body, Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA), and state and territory members, VACC is concerned the proposal lacks detail and has questioned Government motive. 

VACC has informed the Government that opening private overseas purchases of new vehicles will inevitably impact negatively on consumers, business and industry.

If the Government is serious about new car affordability, it should simply remove the absurd Luxury Car Tax.