Big vs Small business

The 'Big vs Small' concern is an issue that affects everyone, not just VACC member businesses.

Many small businesses (suppliers to supermarkets, newsagents, independent service stations, new car dealers, or motor vehicle crash repairers) are claiming that big businesses are, increasingly, treating them unfairly.

In Australia today, there are 2,000,000 small businesses, employing nearly 5,000,000 employees.

Furthermore, 95 percent of all businesses are small businesses, employing less than 20 people.

Government market intervention is the only way to ensure small businesses remain in business; resulting in real competition, choice, and employment opportunities for young Australians.

To create a level playing field, VACC call on governments to 'step into' the market, where appropriate, to ensure that small business has a fighting chance in the face of anti-competitive behaviour from the big players.

In the current free enterprise system there is a notion that the issue, or problem/challenge, should be left to the market to decide. That sounds good in theory, but doesn’t always work in reality.