Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health Program

The Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health (FTAMH) program will help automotive businesses make their workplace more mentally-healthy.

Funded by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund and developed with the help of Alcohol and Drug Awareness Australia, FTAMH aims to provide information, resources and practical measures to identify and prevent mental health issues in the workplace.

By participating in the program, employers will gain an understanding of different work-related risk factors associated with mental health in the work environment, including:

  • unreasonable behaviours, such as bullying and sexual harassment
  • poor workplace relationships
  • conflict and disputes in the workplace
  • poor role clarity and recognition
  • inadequate support and poor training for job roles
  • unhealthy physical work environments
  • workload stress.

Activities within this program focus on these risk factors, with information on how they impact on the workplace and guidance on how they can be managed. Employers will be assisted by program facilitators to assess workplace practices and to implement a mental health action plan tailored to their identified needs.

Automotive businesses can participate in the program and receive their free resource pack by visiting the Fine Tuning website.

For more information, please contact the Fine Tuning Team on 03 9829 1130 or via email.
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