Critical Safety Check

VACC members are committed to ensuring that every vehicle on the road is as safe as possible to drive.

Members of the public are encouraged to visit their local VACC business for a free inspection of their vehicle’s key safety features – tyres, brakes, steering and suspension, lights and restraints. 

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As a vehicle's only point of contact with the road, that thin strip of rubber plays a crucial role in keeping driver and passangers safe. Deep tread is important for wet weather driving, as the channels disperse the water and keep tyres in contact with the road. Bald tyres cannot disperse the water, and cause dangerous situations such as aquaplaning.

Additionally, incorrect wheel alignment leads to excess wear and reduces the life of a tyre. It can also lead to steering vibrations, or a car pulling to one side.

Steering and suspension

A vehicle's suspension system doesn't just enable a smooth ride, it's what keeps tyres in contact with the road. Poor suspension can lead to tyres lifting off the road for a fraction of a second and can drastically impact stopping distance. Additionally, poor suspension causes uneven tyre wear and bad handling.


It might seem obvious that  brakes are vital to safety on the road but the sobering reality is that a car travelling at 60km/hr will take 45m to stop in an emergency braking situation. Worn or damaged brakes will only increase this distance. Don't become a statistic, get brakes checked regularly.


Lights, such as headlights, brake lights, indicators and interior lights, ensure a vehicle can be seen in all weather, from any direction. Misaligned headlights will give drivers poor view of the road at night, and could lead to a vehicle collision or even hitting a pedestrian.


Seat belts help protect passengers in a vehicle by spreading the force of the impact over more of the body, and preventing them from being catapulted through the windows. According to the Office of Road Safety, a crash at 40 km/h is like falling from a 2 storey building onto concrete. Make sure your restraints are working correctly, get them checked by an expert.

Find your local VACC member and book a free vehicle inspection.