Employer support

Being an employer is never easy. At the moment that is doubly so. But there’s a lot of assistance out there to help you ‘get to the other side’. Presented below are numerous articles to help, that will be regularly updated from trusted sources. Additionally, for more information contact dedicated VACC departments:

T: 03 9829 1265
Email OHSE Unit

Industrial Relations
P: 03 9829 1123
F: 03 9866 1168
Email Industrial Relations

Useful articles
Changes to retail leasing

JobKeeper steps

Application to vary VMRSR Award approved

Commercial tenancy relief scheme

Banking relief measures

Alert service for scams

Free software for remote working

Helpful videos to stay safe

Free counselling service for members

Employer Guide for managing COVID-19

OHS&E checklist

Keeping the workplace clean

'Auto is open' campaign launch

Dispute support tool

Five simple COVID-19 business tips

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