Debt recovery service

Prushka offers VACC members discounted rates on debt collection services.

Prushka online demand letters

Register online and simply purchase 'demand' letters which are dispatched from your office to debtors on a Prushka letterhead. You pay only for the letters. There is no commission payable unless you authorise Prushka to commence follow-up proceedings.

Instant legal demand letter

If you want to step things up, order a legal demand letter. A solicitor takes instruction from you and a letter is sent to your debtor by Mendelsons Lawyers. There is no commission payable, just a one-off cost for the letter.

VACC members can purchase a legal demand letter for a discounted price.

Business trading terms review

Prushka is offering VACC members a discount to set up business trading terms.

The review includes:

  • In-depth review of your business practices
  • Review of your business risk
  • Terms to improve recovery of overdue accounts and to cover all legal bases to enable you to sue successfully
  • Professional advice on additional terms that may be required to further protect the business from other potential liabilities
  • Provision of comprehensive trading terms in both 'easy to read' and 'fine print' formats
  • A written guide to effective implementation of the new trading terms
  • Compliance with ACCC legal requirements.