Motorists to benefit from new fuel price board legislation  

Melbourne, 17 November – Victorian motorists will be better protected from misleading and confusing fuel price boards, under new legislation to take effect from 30 November 2016. 

From that date only the full price of fuel may be advertised. Discount prices publicly displayed on retail fuel price boards will no longer be tolerated, including those that are conditional on having a specific ‘shopper-docket’. 

Businesses not complying with the new legislation run the risk of fines in the thousands of dollars. 

The change has been enacted because the State Government has agreed with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) position that previous ‘discount’ price promotions were not available to all motorists. 

VACC Executive Director, Geoff Gwilym, said the change was not only a win for motorists, it will also help ensure the competitiveness of independent retail fuel outlets.

 “VACC’s recommendation to the Andrews Government that it adopt fully-transparent fuel price boards is a big gain for motorists and independent fuel operators,” Mr Gwilym, said. 

“The changes VACC requested have been legislated. From 30 November onwards this will require all service station operators to display undiscounted prices that are available to every motorist.” 

VACC congratulated the Andrews Government on the far-sighted announcement, which will improve the transparency of fuel prices displayed on all price boards erected at service stations across Victoria. 

“The State Government has not only listened to industry, but has acted for the betterment of independent operators, which is good for competition and ultimately, good for all Victorian motorists. 

“VACC believes in a fair marketplace for fuel retailers and transparent trading conditions for motorists, so they can make informed decisions about the fuel they are purchasing,” Mr Gwilym, said. 

“The State Government’s decision to enact the changes that motorists and our members wanted represents a very successful VACC reform campaign.” 

Retail fuel operators not complying with new laws from 30 November may be fined up to $3033. Motorists are encouraged to contact Consumer Affairs Victoria to report any industry non-compliance.


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