LPG Demand Study a lesson in industry and government collaboration

Melbourne, 3 August – The Hon Jaala Pulford, Minister for Regional Development, has ratified the Labor Government’s pre-election pledge to support a study into the present and future demand for LPG-fuelled vehicles. 

Following announcements by Ford, Holden and Toyota to cease manufacturing in Australia, VACC together with Gas Energy Australia researched opportunities to retain and capitalise on Australia’s automotive capability. Both organisations commend the Government for its support and contribution towards the project. 

VACC Executive Director, Geoff Gwilym welcomed the Victorian Government’s support. 

“This is a great opportunity to use our local expertise and natural resources to meet Australia growing vehicle fleet needs. We know that an over-reliance on one fuel source has its limitations and why wouldn’t we seek to maximise the use of a fuel that provides great economy for motorists and has fewer CO2 emissions than petrol,” Mr Gwilym said. 

Gas Energy Australia’s incoming Chief Executive Officer, John Griffiths, said the outcome of the study would help the industry develop clear plans for the expansion of LPG vehicles in the market. 

“The potential to create new jobs as conventional car manufacturing contracts must be explored – if it’s deemed to be viable this plan will change the face of Australia’s LPG car conversion industry and help keep high-end skilled labour alive in Australia,” Mr Griffiths said. 

After a rigorous selection process, independent researcher ABMARC has been assigned the task of undertaking the investigation into LPG vehicle demand. ABMARC has the capability and expertise to perform such an exhaustive and comprehensive task. 

The demand study is expected to take four months to complete.

VACC is Victoria’s peak automotive industry body representing more than 5,000 small business members

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VACC Executive Director, Geoff Gwilym VACC Executive Director, Geoff Gwilym
VACC Executive Director, Geoff Gwilym, has commended the Andrews Government for keeping its commitment to support a study into LPG vehicle demand