VACC Executive Board

The eight-member Executive Board comprises Board of Management (BoM) representatives elected by the BoM to serve on the Executive Board for two years. The Executive Board meets monthly to deal with organisational and industry issues and to provide general oversight of VACC’s operations.

The Executive Board is responsible for guiding VACC's strategic and governance objectives. The Executive Board also has delegations from the Board of Management to carry out a range of functions that ensure the organisation is properly positioned to tackle key industry issues and meet member needs.

Elections for the Board of Management and Executive Board are conducted every two years.  Elections for Board of Management concluded on 14 November 2016, and the Executive Board on 30 January 2017.  Members that would like a copy of the post-election report prepared by the Australian Electoral Commission should contact

Executive Board Members

Mr Tony Sanchez
Automotive Electrical Division
ALS Automotive

Vice President

Mr Fury Bortolotto
Service Station and Convenience Store Division
Diamond Creek Self Serve

Mr Mark Awramenko
Automobile Repairers Division
Highton Automotive Services

Immediate Past President
Mr Peter Savige
Used Car Traders Division 
Hilton Motor Company

Mr Morry Corvasce
Body Repair Division

LP Body Works Pty Ltd

Mr Chris Hummer 
Victorian Tyre Dealers Division

Dynamic Wheel Co. Pty Ltd

Mr Paul Bertoli
Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association
Bertolis Agricultural & Industrial

Mr Tony Sitch
Victorian Automobile Dealers Association
Essendon Nissan and KIA

Geoff Gwilym
VACC Executive Director (non voting member)